Welcome to the Endangered Animals WikiEdit

This is a Wiki all on the animals out there being poached, collected and illegally traded. Help educate people on extinct, near extinct and safe animals that live alongside us.


Endangered animals are creatures that are threatened by extinction by humans killing them illegally and destroying their habitats. One of the most endangered group of animals are big cats. Examples of these precious animals are the Bengal tiger, Amur leopard and cheetah.

How to help?Edit

You can help by expanding the wiki and making more useful pages for the web to see. Also, make sure that all your information is accurate. Do you have a friend, brother or sister that are interested in these topics? Then get them to help along! All animals are able to make an appearance on this wiki, not just the endangered ones.

Visit the Helping out page to see how you can help this wiki expand!

Did you know?Edit

- Hummingbirds can beats their wings 90 times per second!

- Giant tortoises can go for a year without food or water!

Latest activityEdit

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